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Photography takes knowledge, experience and INTENTION. By getting to know you in a thoughtfully created process, I take photos you can't help but love. 


1. We hop on a phone call to figure out exactly what you're looking for and what your wedding day needs in order to be captured completely. 

2. Together, we choose a collection that will best fit YOUR day. 

3. I send you styling guides, a wedding planning magazine and several emails to help you decide wedding details, first dance songs and even budget your wedding.

4. I guide you to create a timeline that allows you space to breathe and cherish your day. 

5. You receive a gallery full of images that tell the complete story of your wedding day, even the moments you didn't realize were happening. 

No. Part of the reason you're investing in me is because I am able to choose what photos best represent your day. I deliver EVERY single photo that is not a duplicate, blurry, under / overexposed / contain unflattering faces.I will give you every photo that makes your day your day. I can't promise that every shot will be perfect, but it will be included. 

Do we get the raw, unedited photos including outtakes? 

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I will do EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to be at your wedding day unless I am so sick I cannot move or a family tragedy happens. In these circumstances of God, my first go to would be my lovely associate photographers who have worked under me at several weddings. If they are unavailable, I have an AMAZING network of photographers in the area who would step in.

What happens if you get super sick?

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NO FEAR. I have a an AMAZING team of associate photographers who shoot weddings for me. You are with me every step of the way, until your wedding day when they take over and capture every moment, returns the photos to me for editing and I deliver them. They start at a lower investment because they are still building experience under AMP. 

What if you're a little out of our budget?

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Copyright actually never leaves me. Copyright is defined as the exclusive legal right given to an originator of content. So I'll always be the creator and therefore the copyright holder. HOWEVER, you will get printing rights and have your own print shop connected to your online gallery. 

Do we get copyright of our photos?

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Yes, of course! It is super important to try and make sure your time slots are accurate, however, I totally get it and will extend my time by the hour for an hourly rate. I HAVE had weddings where I've had to leave to make it to flights/another wedding/etc. so in these cases it is POSSIBLE I would have to leave so it's important to thoroughly go over this with me prior to your day.

What if our day runs late? Will you stay?

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Almost all wedding venues won't require me to have a permit to shoot there. HOWEVER, if I am required to have a permit in any location, it is up to YOU to know and obtain the permit. Make sure you do your research before the day so we are not stuck having to come up with a last minute plan B. 

We want to take photos super close to our wedding location but do you need a permit to shoot there?  

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matt + Nicole

"Our entire wedding party RAVED about how amazing Anna was, and how GORGEOUS her pictures are. She kept everyone laughing and having fun, and caught all the details we missed on our big day. Anna is not afraid to get the best shot, even if it means taking pictures on the toilet, standing on a bed, hiding lamps, and crouching in what looks to be a crazy position. She is a freaking angel sent from above."

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