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What if you could gain in-depth Lightroom training and create an editing style you love?

i'm ready to love my style!

+ Walk through Lightroom Classic and gain in-depth training tips even seasoned photographers are unaware of
+ Find your editing style through prompts and a written workbook
+ Boost your confidence by expanding your understanding of each tool Lightroom Classic has
+ Learn how to troubleshoot your images so you can fix any photo's imperfections
+ Gain secret tips to use Lightroom Classic more efficiently
+ Create an editing workflow that keeps you organized and efficient
+ Access a 61 Page handbook for visual learners + aided guidance in the course
+ Join a community of photographers with the same questions you have

What if you could: 

It's so hard to see photographers show up with consistent edits in a style that feels like it's impossible to achieve. It's even harder to open up Lightroom Classic with no idea what it means to "smooth" a photo or the difference between vibrance and saturation. What if you could be lead through the editing process and come out of it feeling confident in what editing style your business shares and know exactly what tools will help you get there? 

I understand your pain.


"The investment was SO worth it. I have never felt more confident in producing quality images. The tips and tricks I learned through the course I have been able to turn around and implement into my workflow immediately. I was feeling a little stuck in my photography and had lost a lot of confidence in myself. I’ve had two sessions since tackling the course and I feel so much more confident in all aspects. I can’t say thank you enough."


"I wish I would have had this class from day one. From basics to in-depth tool usage and practical tips and tricks, this course is invaluable and I foresee myself coming back to it always for reference even after I’ve gone through it multiple times."


"I’m not scared away by those editing techniques anymore. I would say the course is a great investment and if you are someone who is starting out with Lightroom or isn’t totally comfortable with it that the course is for you!"


"Investment is 100000% worth it. I am 2+ years into my photography journey and I’m learning about things I never knew existed!"

Hear from course alumni

An online course to transform your images and give you in-depth Lightroom Classic training to gain confidence in your edits and find your style. 

PLUS a FREE 61 page handbook to access at your desk. This handbook comes with huge value and asks you questions as you move through the course and is always there when you need to look up a quick Lightroom Classic tool. 

The Empowered Edit



alumni testimonials

I'm Anna

Take me to the course!

Hi, I'm Anna, an espresso loving photographer who jumps at any chance to squeeze my family or snuggle my rescue pup. I have been educating photographers to believe in their business by gaining confidence in their skills and mindset. I fully believe that it is up to us how successful we can become and have pushed growing photographers out of their comfort zones to create the business of their dreams. 

Meet Your Instructor

This course is built for beginners AND for those who aren't 100% comfortable in Lightroom Classic. Seasoned photographers have taken this course and have squeezed so much out of it do enhance their skills and total beginners have built the foundation for their style and business. 

Who is this course for? 

01 / 05

This course is built for Lightroom Classic, the most common software used by professional photographers. These videos were recorded on a Mac and therefore might appear slightly different to other users but it is not a hinderance to your learning. 

What version of Lightroom is this course for? 

02 / 05

This depends on your level fo commitment. If you bite off chunks of information that is digestible and then practice those skills, this course will take you 2-3 weeks to complete if learning for one hour a day, 5 days a week. It is up to you the pace you set as it is all on online, self paced course. 

How long does this course take to complete? 

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This course is already recorded and a self-paced course. You can work through it as fast or as slow as you please and you will always be able to access to the course after it is purchased. You can reference the course at any time with a specialized login and password created by you. 

Is this a live course? 

04 / 05

This course is for ONE user only. It is not meant to be shared, granted access to or split with another person. The integrity of the course has been created with hours of hard work and therefore the price has been set based on one user's purchase. 

Can I share this course with a friend? 

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frequently asked questions

I am ready to level up!

Price: $350 + Tax

What is Client satisfaction worth to you?

+ To guide, encourage and nurture your confidence in the editing realm
+ To not hold back any "secrets" and share every game changing skill I've learned
+ To provide correct and essential information for photographers

This course has been reviewed, edited and highly approved by a group of growing and seasons photographers before launching officially to public. Each photographer has guaranteed this course to change they way they use Lightroom and improve their editing skills and knowledge 100%.

The AMP Promise: