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I'm Anna. I'm a dance around the kitchen, grocery store or middle of the road kind of girl who LOVES black McDonalds coffee and snuggling my rescue pup. I look for any excuse to jump on an airplane or into my man's lap. My love language is quality time, I'm an ENFJ, Enneagram 7 and a Gemini- analyze that. ;)

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I was really competitive at spelling bees in middle school but I'm scarred for life. I came in third place one year for spelling climate "climit" and the next year got so nervous I'd lose that I got out in the first round by spelling brown "braun". Whoops. 

No. 3 | competition

My first pair of high heels were tap shoes and my first job was when I was 11, assistant teaching jazz to little 3 year olds.

no. 2 | dance

I have great line karma. I rarely ever wait in line for anything unless it's something that's an obvious wait like at an amusement park or concert. 

no.1 | karma


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Can I be honest with you? I'm not in this profession for the money, I'm not in it for the awards and I'm sure as hell not in it for working every Saturday. I am a photographer because I love telling my couples stories SO much that I can't imagine doing anything else. I love this job SO much that I train other photographers how to also treat their clients with the love and care I do because I firmly believe that every love story deserves to be documented. 

You are so much more than a check to me. I have told couples no because I want to make sure we are the right fit. I have accommodated collections, been on three hour calls and flown across the country to help my couples live out their dreams. I am in it for YOU. I am here to help you live out your best day, your dream day, to your favorite person. I want you to know that when you put that trust in me, it won't be taken for granted and I will do everything in my power to capture all of the moments, no matter how big or small, on your day. 

I am so much more than just a wedding photographer. I make you and your honey boo thang feel special because you freaking deserve it. I answer emails as quickly as I can, help you plan out details you're not sure of and am as available as you need me to be. I give a WHOLE lot of love to those who choose to invest in AMP and I've worked my booty off to make sure that the investment is worth it. 

This decision should feel RIGHT. You should look at my site and think HELL TO THE YES. If you don't, keep searching until you find someone who does. You deserve it.

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Spicy margs are the best combo of all of my favorite things: spice, sour, tequila


I'm Gryffindor, and have retaken this quiz many times to make sure!


Middle Child. It's okay, I was my grandma's favorite. ;)


Currently it's Croatia because the scenery is insane, the temperature is beautiful and I LOVE Game of Thrones.


Julie Andrews: I feel like her life advice would be everything. 


steve carrell


emma stone


julie andrews

If I could meet anyone, who would I pick?


D. new zealand 

C. croatia

B. norway

A. iceland

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I'm the oldest, middle child or youngest?


D. Gryffindor

C. Hufflepuff

B. Slytherin

A. Ravenclaw

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spicy margarita



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